JETT 010


SASHA : Sasse remix is cool!
SLAM : Liking originals and remixes, thanks guys.
MENDO : Full support for the Miyagi - A1 - Hitchrock !!! Bomb Track !!!
BROTHERS' VIBE : Good project, mixes..
ALEX NERI : Hitchrock, both mixes for me. Thank You for the music”
STEPHAN BODZIN : Sasse for me, love it !
FLORIAN MEINDL : The Glitz Remix is cool thanks!
RE.YOU : Night fever is great...Dope tracks by Miyagi.
PIG & DAN : The Glitz remix is really cool, thanks.
PACO OSUNA : The Glitz, thanks.
SOLOMUN : Download thanks.
DUBFIRE : Sasse remix.
WALLY LOPEZ : Good one will play.
MOUSSE T : Dope !
HERMANEZ : Giorio moroder !!! Sasse did a great one on the "original" tnx.
DJUMA SOUNSYSTEM : Another nice release from my man Miyagi! I feel love! He he!
ROBERT OWENS : Cool tracks.
ANDREAS HENNEBERG : I would buy, really good EP.
MARC DEPULSE : Night fever is really strong! AGENT! : I feel disco love.
OLIVER KLEIN : Dooooooooooooonnaaaaaaaa wetter.... Cool!
MIHAI POPOVICIU : Cool trax! night fever original is my favourite! PHILIPP STRAUB (FELIPE) : Have to test loud ! PATRICK ZIGON : Great Sasse remix!
NICO LAHS : Nice Ep! full support thx!
JOE T VANNELLI : Hitchrock
MIRCO VIOLI : Great Sasse remix.
SASCH BBC : Super cool sasse remix! thank you!
PHONOKEMI : Wow awesome release we got here, can't wait to play it!! Full support with Night fever as my Favorite!
YVAN GENKINS : Nice release, Hitchrock original for me, Thanks JETT!
ATAPY : Nice one, will try them, thanks
DOLE & KOM : The original Hitchrock is the one for us... N!CE
NAKADIA : Huge release! Sasse rmx is my fav. love it!
JULES & MOSS : As usual, very nice EP from Miyagi ! Really like "Hitchrock" (original mix) which is definitely efficient and perfect for a peaktime, and
"Night Fever" (The Glittz remix), which has a huge compression ! High quality of production ! Full support and thanks ! ;)
SOLIMAN : Huge release . Miyagi originals are crazy and the remixes too . will play all the tracks of course in different sets. Thx JETT !
WERNER NIEDERMEIER : I must say this is a nice release, Hitchrock is pretty cool...especially the Sasse remix sounds good! Thanks buddy
LOKO : Sounds interesting, I'll try, support. Thx.
LEON : Bomb !
MARKUS SCHULZ : Thank you.
BJORN WILKE : Original and Sasse remix for me.
HOLLEN : Night Fever original is nice.
HORATIO : Kool work and great tracks and great remixes.
JAXSON : Find ich super...miyagi ist auch ne geile sau...
NICOLAS DUVOISIN : Really nice one.
MEDA : Merci !!
ERIC TARLOUF : Excellent, strong release !!!
WILL MONOTONE : Like The Glitz remix will play thanks !
MARCO FENDER : Amazing sasse remix thx.
DARREN EMERSON : Like both the remixes ..will play out ..thanks.
SVEN KERHOFF : Cool EP ! The Glitz Rmx for me
TETSUO : Sasse remix hits the spot.
AFFKT : Good one, thanks for sharing.
DUBFOUND : Good musik. Thx.+
ROB WARNER : Cool stuff. Loving the Sasse remix of Hitchrock.
CARLOS SANCHEZ : great pack!! both remixes are great for me... thanks!
LUCA C : Hitchrock is the one for me.
SUMMER : Fantastic will support.
RICH VOM DORF : Real nice one from Miyagi - definitely will play it.
LONYA : Really good ep Night fever original and Sasse remix for Hitchrock are great, will use them a lot !
LARRY PETERS : Good music, I like original version.
MARK JACKUS : thank you very much! the Glitz remix is absolutely my track! Great release! full support!
LAURENT N : Top Release !!! With 2 great original tracks & 2 top remixes. Great stuff by the artists. Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!!
DHAZE : Sasse Rmx For me! thx for the music!!!
SABB : Will try this! cool originals and sasse rmx
ALEX M : Full support !
MARKUS GUENTNER : Yeah...funky!!! I love Night Fever.
THE SCUMFROG : All of these are awesome!!! Hitchrock mixes my favorite.
BOB MORANE : Great ep my fav is Night Fever from The Glitz! thanx for the music.
THUGFUCKER : Nice slab of techno right here !
TYLER STADIUS : Love the Moroder sound here!
SVEN : Very nice
SERGEJ GORN (GET PHYSICAL Promo) : Thank you for good music!
CHRISTIAN HAWK : Very very nice productions.
QUENTIN VAN HONK : Bothy remixes for me! The Glitz remix is my fav!
ALINEP : NICE EP! will surely play this in the ministry of sound stage on the festival :) thank you again for putting me in your promo list roster :) cheers!
RUSLAN CROSS : Yeahhh very very cool EP! like it! full support!
RIYAZ KHAN : Night Fever is my jam (original mix) - a definite groover !
RAMIRO LOPEZ : Sasse remix is cool, thanks
RICH : The remixes on here are cool.
DAVID GLAS : Sasse remix is nice.
SASO RECYD : Nice melodies, Hitchrock gives that "i feel love" mood.
MIGUEL GARJI (IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO) : Hitchrock is for me. Gracias.
EMANUEL SATIE : DOPE! hitchrock original is the one for me!
SEBOCAT : Excellent release, Hitcock original and both remixes are ace, will
try them on gigs soon!
MANCINI : Like the I Feel Love spirit of Hitch Rock! Thanks JETT !
SUBBASS : Definitely a great release! My preferred tracks are Hitchrock, especially Sasse's remix. An EP which will definitely top the charts! Well done once again to JETT and all the artists. Keep them coming!!
LEWIS DENE : Great Moroder-esque feel.
DJ SMALL : Nice release, appreciate the musical work from Miyagi. Great remixes too.
LAUTLEISE : We feel love! Donnas rebirth without Donna!
IGOR MARIJUANA : Nice one. will support it. thanks for the music.
KINDHIMMER : Thanx for this one!
PETAR CVETKOVIC : Very nice! Glitz rmx and Hitchrock original for me thx.
LUDVAN ALLAN : The remixes are massive. Gonna try them. Thanks for the
promo !
MALENTE : What can go wrong if you use the i feel love bassline? Not much”
FABIAN : Thanks, will try it.
LILITH : GREAT release... really feeling Night Fever! and The Glitz rmx!
RON : Hitchrock !
EENE MEENE : Night fever !! the glitz rmx is mine! very cooool!
LEISS (TRAX) : Donna Summer is mixing in heaven ! I will play the B-side.
CLEMENT PERRIN (TRAX) : Sasse remixes and The Glitz remix are big ones. Great Ep thanks.
BENOIT C (Tsugi) : Sasse remix for me.
PARIS ONE RADIO : I'll playlist this original mix of Hitchrock ! Support from Paris One Radio !
SOUND EFFECT MAGAZINE : Solid remix from The Glitz.
SOUNDWALL.IT : Considering for review.
DEBUG MAGAZINE : Considering for review.
TIM THALER : Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin.

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