MARTIN EYERER : Superb Grauer rmx!
SASSE : Really strong package, love both originals and remixes, well done !
FLORIAN MEINDL : I like the Jussi-Pekka and Benny Grauer remixes!
ALEX FLATNER : The remixes are dope, liking the Benny Grauer and Jussi Pekka Remixes...
PATRICK KUNKEL : Lampard in both versions is great!
MIGUEL LOBO : Nice release, Lampard is my fav, thanks
SLOK : The Jussi-Pekka remix is great, not really really into the vocals, but I will play it I think, maybe I will edit it. Grazie
JAVI BORA : I like the Benny Grauer remix, thanks.
HORATIO : Lovely track Lampard
NAKADIA : Another amazing JETT release - 4 great tracks!
WERNER NIEDERMEIER : Great release, very dancefloor, like both remixes. Support
LONYA : Very cool release, thanks.
MIYAGI : Hell yeah! both originals are absolutely dope! full support!
AUDIOJUNKIES : Very cool release! you have my support!
PAUL CART : I love the original tracks! Bomb EP
MIRCO VIOLI : Original mix of Franky fingers is great !!!
EDDY ROMERO : I Like both remixes thnks for the promo !
LULA CIRCUS : Nice ep! will try Jussi-Pekka remix and Lampard.. thx
SAMMY W & ALEX E : Nice EP, Full Support!
DOLE & KOM : Cool stuff! A1 & B2 are great. Benny did it again ;-)
MARCO FENDER : Cool ep. all tracks are hot,my fav is Franky fingers /orig. thanks!
ROBOT NEEDS OIL : Jussi-Pekka remix - good flow and Lampard original - interesting vocals & nu deep vibe
SUMMER : Really nice release :)
LARRY PETERS : Great I like so much,,,,my fav is Benny Grauer remixes! II will play, thanks for the music.
MIKE BUKE : Huge, BOMB. Big EP , Full support.
ALINEP : The Jussi-Pekka and Grauer remixes are great! Solid!
WILLIMA WILD : Benny Grauer for me ! Other things is well done but not suit in my mix...Nice JETT once again !
ENFANTS MALINS : Franky fingers original : dope pack, thanks !
STANDARD FAIR : Franky fingers is my favorite.
MANCINI : Fat release specially the Jussi-Pekka remix!Thx
DHAZE : Bomb Release!
LUCA ALBANO : Nice pack thank you
PETAR CVETKOVIC : Franky fingers!! nice thx
FLORIAN KRUSE : Great mixes!!! fantastic package
ALEX JUSTINO : Full support! Frank fingers and Lampard (both original) will be on my set!
JUNKFOOD Inc : The remixes are grooving extremely danceable tunes and a must have. Will play it. Thank you
SEBOCAT : Great EP again! Will definitely use both originals and the awesome Jussi-Pekka Remix for the next gigs! Thx!! LUDVAN ALLAN : The remixes are really dope. Thanks for the EP !
SUBBASS : Bomb release! Original tracks for me. Franky Fingers will definitely be a floor filler. The remix by Jussi-Pekka is also one solid track!
LEISS : The Benny Grauer remix is a dancefloor killer !
EENEMEENE : I favorite B1 and B2..!! thank you