First 2013 release with Werner Niedermeier and his well-known skills already featured on labels such as Supplements Facts, Kling Klong, Bulletdodge, OFF and more.
Werner delivers two lovely and powerfull deep flavored tracks : “Viajero” with a Pig featuring (from Cocoon duet Pig & Dan) and “My way”.
The remixes come from Maher Daniel (Souvenir, Rejected, 8Bit, Leftroom...) with his very own deep and dark style and my Berliner friends Dole & Kom already known by our followers because of their release on JETT in July 2012 (Jettdgt008).
Happy new year !
Fred Siera


PIG & DAN : Solid ep, awesome remix by Daniel, class as usual from Werner.
MENDO : I love the Dole & Kom remix !!! Full support !!!
PIEMONT : Thanks! Very nice release. We love both remixes espacially from Maher Daniel! Hugs
ZOE XENIA : Great pack altogether thnx
NICO LAHS : great package! full support! X
SLOK : Nice package, thanks for send it!
AGENT! : Nice pack, support and thx !
SIDNEY CHARLES : Sick tracks, Maher Daniel remix is cool, will try it.
FLORIAN MEINDL : The dole & kom remix is amazing! will play it
MIHAI POPOVICIU : Both remix are cool!
MARTIN PATINO : Viajero for me.
ANDRE BUTANO : Amazing package ¡¡¡ full suportt ¡¡¡¡ nice worksss.
TONY DEE : Dole & Kom Great Work!!!
NICOLAS MASSEYEFF : Nice release, I like the Maher Daniel remix, cool groove, will try it. Thanks.
MIRCO VIOLI : Both remixes for me.really nice!
SABB : Maher Daniel remix for me.
SASCHA SONIDO : wow. Dole & Kom my favorit. Strong ep! Full support.
HOLLEN : Nice EP, thanks !
DARLYN VLYS: Très groovy "My way" original et le remix de M.Daniel sont pour moi.
ATAPY : I really like My Way and Maher Daniel's remix witch is my favorite, support it, thanks :)
HORATIO : Full Support.... Bomb tracks
BENNY GRAUER : Really cool release! Both remixes are for me, great work by the guys. Thanks :)
KIM KEMI : Strong release and full support, looking forward to play the tunes!!
NICOLAS DUVOISIN : Support Werner tracks !
EMANUEL SATIE : Good package! Dole & Kom remix is the one for me! ;)
SASCH BBC : Nice one! will try out! thanx for sending.
JULES & MOSS : Will play Dole & Kom remix. Our favourite form the EP ! Nice work. :)
SOLIMAN : Nice ep . my fav is Dole & Kom remix . very groovy sound , very well mixed ...... . i will play it this saturday . bests
ROBOT NEEDS OIL : Big Support for "My Way" (Dole & Kom Remix) added to my Fav tune of this month. Many Thanks for Great Music AGAIN!!!
MIYAGI : Nice package again! maher daniel remix is my fav!
LOPEZHOUSE : I love Total Pack!!!! Always Jett!!!
ALEX DOLBY : Support!!
BIMAS : It's a nice project. Daniel's remix is something for me. Thanks.
PHILIPP ORT : Support!
GARETH WHITEHEAD : Top class music as always from mr niedermeier. My way is my Viajero!!! very groovy
FRANCESCO BONORA : DOLE & KOM remix is great, thanks.
JULLIEN POLEWKA : Maher Daniel rmx is sick!!! :) Great package.
MARK JACKUS : Viajero orig is my fav! Thx!
MEDA : My way for me, thanks.
PSYKOLOCO : originals for me , thnx ;)
LULA CIRCUS : My way original is cool!
KINDHIMMER : Nice work from Niedermeier & Pig...thanx for this one!
MARCIN CZUBALA : Thanks for the promo, it's sounding cool. Not sure if something I would play though.
HEARTHUG : Lovely EP, the both Originals are my favorite! Support.
PEDRO GOYA : Really tight release here! Love Viajero (Original) - especially the rhythm section! Dole & Kome remix is pretty dope! Will play this release for sure! Thank you for the promo pack!
KEN LIU : More tasty sonic weirdness from Werner here with Viajero. The remix is also really nice; beefed up the backbone of the original mix. My Way brings the funk, really enjoyed this one and the Dole & Kom Remix is a nice cherry on top. As a whole, well thought out and just great quality tracks here. Will probably play every one at some point. My fav is My Way. Thanks!
JOHN BARBER : Nice package here. Not quite doing it for me but it's great music. Vaijero being my favourite of the 4. keep it up :-) 
LILITH : Support! amazing package lovin B2 'My Way' (Dole & Kom Mix) ........ beautiful!
LONYA : Thanks for the promo. Werner at his best !! Really dig Maher Daniel's remix.
MARIO DA RAGNIO : Thx for that pack! will try MAHER DANIEL Remix
ALEX M : Full Support !
CASPAR : Thx, i like Viajero Original and the remix
FLORIAN KRUSE : Great vibe! Good work on all tracks. Support(
DEE WASHINGTON : Love the full release.  Classic work by all.  "My Way" will be getting regular play this Spring / Summer...prediction! 
ALEX DIMOU : Both originals sound really good.
DAVID GLASS : Dole & Kom remix is sick!!!
PASCAL BENJAMIN : I really like A1, one of my fav these days.
ALINEP : Solid EP! WELL DONE on both REMIXES! Cheers! Thanks :)
DAVID GTRONIC : Dole & Kom Remix For me!
LARRY PETERS : Nice work, my favorite Dole & Kom remix!!
MARK D FUNKTION : Will test these out :)
ALEX COSTA : Dole & Kom rmx is cool !
SUMMER : Love this, will play original and Maher's
MIKE BUKE : Will all play! Full support! BIG TRACKS, BIG RELEASE, BIG LABEL ! Thanks
DUBFOUND : Viajero original and Dole & Kom remixes are cool +. Thx.
PETAR CVETKOVIC : Great tracks, Dole & Kom remix is for me thx!
RUSLAN CROSS : Many thx! very very hot pack i like original so much and all remixes very cool too! this is brilliant old school pack, love it, full support! 
DIAVLO : Dole & Kom remix is cool.
DHAZE : Super Nice Tracks! Support!
MOODY MANC : "Diggin' the groove of Dole and Kom's mix most here thanks!
MAXIME JOHNNY : Dole & Kom Remix for me. Nice solid release!!!
ALEX PIEM : great stuff!!!! my way original and viajero rmx are amazing!!!!
SEBOCAT : The whole EP is amazing! My absolute favorites are Viajero Original and the Daniel Maher remix, superb! Will test them out soon!! Excellent work!!
DJ FERRY : Dole & Kom remix for me, deep & groovy! Full support!
CHRONOPHONE : Nice EP, I'll play all.
ADRIAN : Nice package both originals are cool,thanks
VALENTIN : Cool release , my way original is my favorite ,anyway will try all !!!  Thank you
EENE MEENE : I love that ep..!! nice nice nice one!!
MATT DE MOLENES : Tripping cosmic waves of Viajero, and the remix is insane! I can see myself lifting up the dance floor with those punchy warm beats and grooving sounds ! Thanks for this gift Jett!
NICK DARING : Booooomb, thanks.
STANDARD FAIR : I'll play Dole & Kom remix!
LUDVAN ALLAN : Viajero org is my pick from here ! Great track. Will support for sure, Thanks for the music !
ALAN BERGMANN : Wicked EP! The remixes for me, amazing tracks!!! Thanks ;)
JOHNNY : NIce release Fat E.P with tight beats. Love the Maher - Viajero & Werner - My way (original) the best. Will definately fit into a set!
ADRIAN GEE : Thx ! Viajero is the one for me ! dope track.
MOON : Dole & Kom remix for me.
DFM RADIO : Thanks for nice EP! DFM

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