JETT Records ACES 2010-2012 (available on CD)

JETT Records ACES 2010-2012 mixed by Jullien Polewka on video


NICK CURLY : Thanks for that…really like the release ( and the artwork aswell:-) full support from my side…
MARCO CAROLA : Nice tracks.
SOLOMUN : Thanks a lot. Have a great day.
MIHAI POPOVICIU : Strong compilation with many goodies, will try some! thanks for sharing!
PACO OSUNA : Downloaded thanks ;)
PIEMONT : JETT rules! Excellent package...
BUTCH : Dope pack.
PATRICK KUNKEL : Wow.. so many cool tracks - it is really hard to choose which is the best one... cool compilation!
MARKUS SCHULZ : Thank you.
MARTIN EYERER : Lots of great stuff here!!!
SASSE : Really nice compilation - full support !
NIMA GORJI : Thanks.
FLORIAN MEINDL : Good compilation!
KIM KEMI : Thanks for this great compilation, looking forward to drop these tracks, my favorites are Larsson and Daniel Dreier!
MARQUEZ III : Excellent compilation!
WERNER NIEDERMEIER : Fred Siera for me.
FLASHMOB : Will try the Benno Blome feat Niklas - Take One. Thanks :-)
SCAN MODE : Nice !
ADRIANO FILIPPUCCI : Great compilation, full support from me, thank u
NICOLAS DUVOISIN : Nice job! Thanks!
YVAN GENKINS : Wow great compilation :) Excellent bravo.
MIRCO VIOLI : Nice tracks.
MIYAGI : Nice compilation! especially robot needs oil, beautiful music as allways
DOLE & KOM : Nice one! Love the Soliman & Fred Siera Tracks!!!!
BJORN WILKE : Nice Compilation. Will play at least 4 tracks!
MEDA : Thanks
SUMMER : Excellent :)
DANJEL ESPERANZA : awesome selection of artists and their music! Nakadia's "One Step" I really like ;)
LARS WICKINGER : Nice! Some sound good!
FRED H : Really nice package,will play for sure,Thanks
MIKE BUKE : Big One !! Thanks, will support.
DHAZE : Another stunning Work from Jett!! Full Support for this Great Project!
RALF : Nice pack, thank you.
HARADA : Some nice stuff here. Thx.
KATOLINE : Nice pack.
OLIVER SCHORIES : Over all a wonderful compilation. Great tracks. Thank you
JORGE SAVORETTI : Some cool trax in here!
DAVID PHILLIPS : Some nice tunes here. thx. 
MANCINI : Still high level production. Thanks ! +1 for Benno Blome.
SANDRU : Daniel Dreier - One shot eye is nice and groovy. I like the acoustic elements in it!
DANIEL POLI : Great release... stand out tracks so far are.. One Eye Shot, Take One and Can You Dance. Thanks
SIMONE VITULLO : Great package.
ERWIN KELEMEN : Brillant !
MARC FORBES : sch sampler f etwas vertrteren std zuhause oder die letzte std im club. mein fave ist def nakadia - one step...klingt einfach genial abgefahren der track. support guaranteed!!
TOBIAS HENECKER : Nice tracks! Thx!
THE DUTCH RUDDER : Nice compilation !
STANDARD FAIR : Fred Siera is my favorite.
GEORG HAGMEIER : Muy bien, especialmente "Solo con hielo". Schchrs Ding!
LAURNET : Another wtm's playlist is coming soon...;)
MARKUS GUENTNER : Great fluffy but cluby stuff ... a very nice compilation ... like a lot of the song
EDDY ROMERO : Great Compilation ! My favs last 4 tracks !
DEEP MARIANO : Weekendlovers is nice
BROTHERS IN PROGRESS : Big Compilation ... Support it Thx
ALINEP : Really nice package, will definitely play and support, thanks !
ENFANTS MALINS : Big pack & high Q !! Fred Siera - Phonoloved is very nice track. Thanks :))
JOAQUIM : Some nice tracks in here, personal favourites are Daniel Dreier and Robot Needs Oil..Thanx
NARITA TETSUYA : Soliman for me.
SERGEI LOGINOV : Liking deep feeling of Andri - Weekendlovers! thank you!
SEBOCAT : Amazing compilation! All tracks are very nice, my favorites are 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8
LUDVAN ALLAN : Great names on this V.A. Will try some of them for sure. Thanks for the EP. Congratz for it !
PETAR CVETKOVIC : Great Pack! Thx!!
FREDERIK GOOVAERTS : Full support, Thx.
RUSLAN CROSS : yeahhh great pack! Support!
ADRIAN GEE : Thanks guys Solid Stuff ! Nakadia's track is dope !  
STEFFEN BRUCKER : Very nice & relaxed compilation !
NO DIAL TONE : Thank you, great Compilation :)
SUBBASS : Great compilation! Love most of the tracks. My favourite tracks are Nakadia's track, Fred Siera's Phonoloved, Robot Needs Oil's track which is wonderful and Soliman's track is also wicked, my kind of track for sure... dark and intense!!! I already imagine the perfect time and spot to play Robot Needs Oil's tune in a DJ set... will make the crowd go bonkers for sure, got such a good feel!!! Best of luck for this compilation. Well done 
TUNNEL FM : Great tracks guys, will be supported for sure ;)
DIGITAL FM : Nice compilation! Thx! DFM

Masterised by Nu.broduction

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